Darryl Smith aka Coach Smith

Motivational and Inspirational Speaker

What do I equate to Success?

“Family Legacy”

Over the last 11 years or so, Coach Smith has been an inspirational speaker whenever possible.  That ranges from one on one conversations to group settings of people from all types of backgrounds and ages.  

He has inspired people with his unique story and how he has overcome every obstacle to become Successful.  He is a proud Father of 3 children and they are a direct reflection of what he calls His Success.  

Coach Smith has a 23 old son, Darryl Smith III aka Coach Dee, that played 4 years of collegiate football and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.  Coach Dee is part owner of GRIT Athletic Academy with Coach Smith. He assists in running the day to day operations and he’s being groomed to completely run the company some day.  He’s a responsible father of his 2 year old daughter and engaged to his beautiful fiancé.  

He has an 18 year old son that’s in his freshman year at The University of Arizona on a football scholarship as a Running Back.  He has found early success and media reports indicate that he’s projected to have a great career at UA.  He can be found by googling his name “Darrius Smith”.  

His baby is his 12 year old daughter.  She has been the soft spot for Coach Smith.  She’s a great student and is growing into a Respectable young lady.